Calin Tales

A Celestial Missive

Lytek, Daimyo of Exaltation and Right Hand of Power.

Most gracious and resplendant Daimyo, it pleases me to report that all fares well with the Council of Stars. The Celestial Exalted continue to prosper here in the Shogunate of Calin, and I ancipate a great and bright future for these lands.

However, the enemies of Creation have their eyes upon my precious City and I am afraid that the price of having such powerful guardians and allies, is enemies just as terrifying and powerful. My auguries as of late have been filled with blood and strife, yet they are voids in my sight. Something is coming, and that Courtesan of Venus is providing only the most cryptic of insight.

I seek your advice and council on how to move forward my friend. I fear what unknown horrors may befall my fair city.

Most Humbly your Friend and Confidant,

Kyoto, Most August Municipal Diety of Port Calin.

Letter to the Daimyo's of the Great Houses of Calin

To the Daimyo’s of the Great Houses of Calin:

I am General Yakamo of House Katoshi. I am currently working with my wife, Colonel Rhan Setsuna, in forming the expeditionary/liberation force that is being set into what is now the fallen kingdom of Elaria. The reason I am writing to you all is because I need/am requesting the ability to see your ledgers. I am acting as Rhan Setsuna’s Quartermaster General in this endeavor to free Alaria from the grips of the Death Knights that have taken it over.

What I am requesting of you and your great houses is supplies that will be needed to feed and maintain the army that is currently being created to liberate the Kingdom of Elaria. I am also asking that you please co-operate with my wife with her requests of troops to aguement the troops that we are already gathering. The numbers we have so far are thus:

5,000 troops from the Rhan Army
125 troops from House Katoshi (my personal Talon)
125 Troops from House Matsuri (Garnet Filigri’s Personal Talon)
125 Troops from House Doji (Doji Akuro’s Personal Talon)
500 Troops from House Yamata (Prince Yoshi’s Personal Troops)

In Total so far we have almost 6000 troops that will be going to liberate Elaria. But I fear we will need more. Tactically it is always wiser to have reserves and extra troops when commencing a campaign such as this.

So I humbly ask you all to please give what you can so we may crush the ones who have taken over Elaria from the Elarians and do it soundly.

Many Thanks,
General Yakamo
Quartermaster of House Katoshi

3rd of Descending Water

Sent by Elemental to the Signatory Kingdoms, Nations and City-States of the Confederation of Rivers, bearing the Seal of the Shogunate of Cailin and read within the Halls of Power of these places.

By Word of the Shogun, Cailin declares the following:
Having driven out Deathknight emissaries of the Empire of the Hollowed Sunset, formerly known as the Kingdom of Alaria, who have come to our Capital, the City of Port Cailin, murdered our people en masse, and offered terms of fealty to our Shogunate, We the People of Cailin declare the following:
That the Tragedy that has befallen the Kingdom of Alaria shall not befall our allies within the Confederation of Rivers.
That the presence and activities of the Deathknights of this new Kingdom have offended our honor and dignity, and attempted to destabilize our great Shogunate, such that the Shogunate of Cailin must act.
That in so acting, by the needs of the Confederation, Cailin must inform its allies of its actions.
So then do the People of Cailin, with the aid of the people of the Republic of Manchu, declare War upon the Empire of the Hollowed Sunset, by which to restore our honor, avenge our people, and liberate the Kingdom of Alaria from this new-found Tyranny of Death; with the backing and approval of the Unconquered Sun, on this 3rd Day of Descending Water.
So sayeth the Shogun Yamata Tanaka, with the approval of his Daimyos.

New Allies In Old Places

Letter To Kojuin, an Imacculate Monk unaware of Yoshi’s Exaltation.

Master Kojuin,

How have you been? I hope this letter reaches you well. I am sorry for the elemental but it seemed the best method of delivery. There is a matter that I wish to inform you of. There will be someone coming to you, sent in my name. I have wondered far and wide and have heard of things that the main land will want to know. I can not speak of the details now within this letter. However, you will know it when the information arrives via the one I have sent. As always I hope the Immaculate Dragons will make your path hard and the reward great.

Master Yoshi

Journal of Garnet Filigree
2nd day of Winter Court

Considering the vision I have had since the Daystar, I feel it appropriate to begin keeping a consolidated record of the things that occur. Especially now, as the Sun breaks over the second day of Winter Court, and I have the opportunity to once more visit my home within Port Cailin.

We were lucky enough to spend Calibration in the Heavenly City of Yu-Shan, thanks to the Calibration gate opening near Saffron Lily. While there we had opportunity to dine with and speak to Ignis Divine himself and bask in his glory, in addition we spoke with Tau Yi of Lookshy, and Eastern Pass, and made arrangements with both to further the research into V.D. and facilitate the growth of Saffron Lily. Sahana was granted the opportunity to fulfill the oath that we swore on our marriage day, as she was granted a Peach by the Unconquered Sun in blessing of our union. Shortly after the dinner however, Kage went off and when he did not return, the rest of the Circle went after.
I am thankful for the sorceries that bind us all together, as without them I fear we may have been too late. Kage was beset by three Sidereals in an unoccupied part of Yu-Shan outside the Festival of Meeting. He was already wounded when we arrived, and they would have made quick work of us (Setsuna and Gilded Lotus went down in mere seconds) had the Celestial Monorail to the Daystar not arrived and given us a chance to escape.
While at the Daystar, Little Beam (who was with us in defending Kage) blessed Sahana and awakened her Essence that we might all work the forges for a day in payment of our rescue. We did so readily, and during the night featured a dream of prophecy. Within the dream, Cailin was a much different place. So much so I doubt our combined abilities to make it so in such a short time frame. Such features as Essence Discharge Weapons (which I yet know nothing about), altered Wards (possibly against Deathknights) that I supposedly made (and yet know nothing of the Art of Warding and Exorcism), and a Corps of Golden Janissary martial artists were all available for defending the city. A good thing though, as just before we awoke, the entirety of the Realm Navy appeared as Demons began attacking the city.
When we awoke, we were returned to Saffron Lily, and made preparation for Winter Court. Daimyo Kuno informed us that Doji Akane had been kidnapped by House Mamoru, which we later (recently) discovered was false. Apparently a letter that should’ve been delivered did not arrive to the Daimyo; the truth of the matter is that she was invited to the capital by Subtle Dragonfly and left of her own accord.
For now, the Circle of Saffron Lily is working with Prince Yoshi to deal with the elements of the dream that we can in the time that we can. We intend to ask the Shogun for a workshop geared towards sorcerer-engineers large enough to house V.D., that way we can move V.D. here for when the attack happens, and get people to work on it. Also, it will allow us to develop Essence Discharge Weapons. I have asked Humble Mouse at the Temple to the Unconquered Sun to put me in touch with a Golden Janissary, and begun speaking to other houses in regards to the Eyes of Saffron Lily Academy.
Time will tell if these measures are enough…

A Record of Shadows (Page 1)

The bureaucracy of Yu-Shan weighs heavily upon all it touches. Even Yakamo was unable to affect it as he does the bureaucracies of Creation. We did, however, meet Rhan Chen, Setsuna’s mentor due to our attempt to enter the Crimson Panoply of Victory. Tomorrow the festivities begin. I shall be entering into a mixed martial arts/melee tournament, the prize of victory being an artifact weapon. One of the two things I search for in the time we have in Yu-Shan. I can feel my essence boiling within me! As if it were about to burst! I may experience yet again the transcendence of raising an Essence Tier. This will put me at Tier Five.
The circle has been speaking of the Godstrider hidden at the bottom of the lake, I would much prefer a personal suit of armor that is not so large. Something that does not necessarily increase the size of the wielder. Perhaps something more to my tastes to will be found in the future.

Meditation of introspection with Gilded Lotus

breath inbreath outbreath inbreath out… … …

“Hello again Gilded Lotus, what can we do for you this session?”
“A great many thing troubles us, and a great many thing ease the trouble.”
“Very well, continue and see if we cannot strike at the core of the misalignment of our being.”
“A God-Strider was discovered at the bottom of the lake where we first made love to our lunar mate Kangearu. I see a metaphor. Love weighs heavy on the surface of the waters, but underneath lies a great threat to the world.”
“Threat? Can you say such a thing of something we know nothing of?”
“I suppose we cannot. No one can. Only one other machine exists to speak of, but such a machine serves only one purpose. Destruction.”
“A tool is a tool. It relies on the mind of an individual to direct it’s work.”
“Our mind has no knowledge of such things.”
“Then we must learn. We’ve made it our life-long endeavor to embrace the balance of things. The many years we’ve spent in nature have left us dumb to modern civilization.”
“Where do we start? And to what end do we seek?”
“That answer lies in the second half of our metaphor…”
“Your love.”
Our love.”
“Correct. We’ve seen her skill with such machines. She may very well be our key if not our teacher in this matter.”
“Then the balance may very well be presenting itself in many ways. A man of spirit entwined with a woman of machines. How peculiar…”
“Is it? Do you remember what our father last said to us?”
“Balance yourself and the world will follow.”
“Correct. Now it’s time to push your enlightenment further. When the world balances itself, you must follow.”

… … …breath inbreath outbreath in.

Letter to the Mayor of Grass Blade Town

Honorable Cousin and Mayor of Grass Blade,

Cousin I am writing you to inform of my imminent arrival to your lovely town. I am traveling with my wife Commander Rhan Setsuna, Matsuri Garnet Filigree, Akira Gilded Lotus, Mamoru Talin, and several members of the Kappa Family: Chiyu, Kireichi, Kangaeru, and Tenshi. AS of now the party and myself are currently in Saffron Lily bringing in captured members of the Devious Ancestor Cult caught in one of your neighboring towns. We should be leaving Saffron Lily shortly once Daimyo Kuno levels his judgement on those poor souls. I hope to see you and your family soon Cousin.

Gratitude and Respect,

Commander Katoshi Yakamo

Report to Daimyo Kuno

Blessed and Honorable Daimyo,

We have arrived just in time to prevent this barbaric practice from occurring. Akira Gilded Lotus, with the aid of Katoshi Yakamo spoke to the Least God of the Village of Two Leaves and brokered a deal. In exchange for a more civilized path for the villagers, I will be coordinating a festival for the Least God on its feast day. We will be speaking to the villagers about the gravity of the Ancestor Cult, though I feel they are loyal, and continuing on based on the intelligence they can provide. We may be chasing little more than rumors for now, but even the grain of a rumor carries a seed of truth.

Your honored servant,
Matsuri Garnet Filigree

Letter to family

To the honorable General Rahn Juro,

My children and I have arrived in Saffron Lily safely. Kuon will not be joining you. We are currently staying with my husband. He has secured accommodations within the city. I have been asked to assist in a peasant rebellion in the surrounding territory. I am requisition a worthwhile steed while here. I hope you will be able fulfill my request.

With regards,

Commander Rahn Setsuna


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