Calin Tales

Completion of the Cult
Missive to the Ivory Mask


A report for the records on the completion of taking out the Ancestor Cult of Saffron Lilly.

The investigation led to the warehouse district. The cult had two distraction locations. Once during the investigation, during a dinner between Mamoru Talyn, Garnet Filigree, Daisuki Zumi, and Subtle Dragonfly, an assassination attempt on Mamoru Talyn’s life occurred. The ghosts performing the attack were quickly de-manifested and sent on their way. Towards the latter part of the investigation, house Akira sent a Shugenja to investigate the cult as well. Gilded Lotus proved to be quite helpful in the investigation. Once the exact location of the cult was determined, we staged an ambush of the warehouse. The following were in the assualt.

  1. Saymon
  2. Garnet Filigree
  3. Katoshi Yakamo
  4. Glacial Moon
  5. Gilded Lotus

I was greatly pleased in their prowess and ability in combat. The leader of the cult was assassinated in the assault and has re-entered the reincarnation cycle. An important note to the investigation: the leader of the cult was Princess Sahana’s handmaiden. For the protection of the family and to keep further eyes on any fallout from the events, I suggest we send a new ‘handmaiden’ to Princess Sahana.

After the assault, the next night, at Garnet Filigree’s home, an assassination attempt done by spectres was performed on Garnet Filigree. He was struck down almost instantly. I made sure to prevent two of the spectres from casting their magics. At this dinner were:

  1. Tamiyo Hitokuri
  2. Garnet Filigree
  3. Daisuki Zumi
  4. Subtle Dragonfly
  5. Katoshi Yakamo
  6. Gilded Lotus

I took the liberty of assisting Garnet Filigree in his recovery in using one of our healers. Some resources were used to provide a potion for Garnet Filigree’s health. I assess this is proper reward and payment for his vital role in the investigation. No one else sustained any vital damage to their persons during this last attempt on Garnet Filigree’s life.

Last note for the records. Tamiyo’s Architecture has been secured and finalized. It has established itself as a full business providing construction, repair, design, and decor. The shop also has a list of clients already purchasing services from Tamiyo. After it is finished establishing its name by its level of craftsmenship, I suggest we spread the shop to other cities as well. Katoshi Yakamo has already enjoyed the services of Tamiyo’s Architecture.

Always in the shadows,

Letter to Daimyo of House Katoshi

To the Most Esteemed Daimyo of House Katoshi,

My Lord Daimyo I writing you with information you have asked me to send you.

The Ancestor Cult you asked me to look into here in Saffron Lily have been dismantled. It was taken care of before I arrived here. Several members of the city and the court took care of the Situation. The group was lead by a man named Matsuri Garnet Filigree, the future son-in-law to Daimyo Benki Kuno. There were several other members from different house with him as well. They are Subtle Dragonfly of House Kumo, Gilded Lotus of House Akira, Kage of the Seven Shadows, and Tachi of House Mamoru. I have yet to meet Tachi, but I have been told he is a good man.

I have been able to acquire the help of Daimyo Kuno in dealing with the matters at Wood Gate. He told me to talk to Garnet Filigree to set up how to approach the situation with the rebellions in the North. My first night in the city, while at dinner with the aforementioned people, we were attacked by things I have only heard tales about. Luckily we were able to defeat them at the cost of Garnet Filigree being eviscerated. We were able to save him though with the help of the Lost Generation of House Kapa.

Yes I will confirm the rumors you have most likely already heard, the lost children of House Kapa have returned with Shishi as their leader. It caught me by surprise myself as I heard the rumors of the court here speard like wildfire about their return. Shishi thought I was dead as many other have as well.

My Lord I will continue to inform you of anything I learn here in my stay at Saffron Lily.

Your humble Commander and Quartermaster,


Honored Family and Friends

To my venerable and honored Father Lord Katsuro and Mother Lady Harumi, and my valued Brother Hideyoshi and exceptional Sister Maiko,

It has been a very long time since I have written any of you all. I have been very busy with the business of our esteemed house. If you have heard the rumors about my death, they are completely incorrect. I was beyond the Borderlands, bringing aide to Lord Kenpachi and his warriors. But they faced greater numbers then I could help over turn. It took me nine months to get back to the lands of Calin and our honored house. I must apologize for not being able to see you all. Upon my return to Iron Gate, our Daimyo gave me orders to go to the north and help our warriors there.

Now I find myself in the city of Saffron Lily. It is an interesting city. They had a problem with an ancestor cult, but it was put down by my new associates in arms and company. I do not know much about this cult, but they have informed me that it has been taken care. I was also informed of this by Daimyo Kuno, head of House Benki. I recently have met his future son-in-law, a Courtier by the name of Matsuri Garnet Filigree. He is a very approachable man and has a good head on his shoulders. I have also met several other people since I have been here. The most interesting of them all is Kage of the Seven Shadows. He has an interesting way of getting information and is a master at manipulation. There are other I have met. One of them is a shugenja from House Akira named, Gilded Lotus. He is a strange little man but a good one to have on your side in a fight.

Finally your daughter-in-law and my wife Setsuna and your grandchildren are here with me as well. Things are still tense between myself and Setsuna. I have been more then reasonable with her but I am still shut out of her life completely. The children are doing fine from what I have seen of them so far. Kuon will be going to spend the next 6 years with her family and Kitsuri will becoming to you all to spend the next 6 years with you. I understand Setsuna wants her to become a warrior like herself, but I would like to have become something more then that. I do want to see her married to a very good man. Kuon, I want him to become involved in the family business, but it is his choice, and Kitsuri’s as well.

I miss you all very much, but it brings joy to my heart seeing my children and wife again after being gone for so long. I hope you are all doing fine. I will send you more news when I have the time.

Your loving and honorable son,


End of a Cult

Dearest, most Estimable Father,

I do hope this letter finds you well, and our family prosperous. I have been remiss in my communications and I must apologize profusely for that. Saffron Lily has proven to be very interesting, perhaps even more so than Port Calin. The betrothal, as I’m sure you are curious about, is progressing apace. I have high hopes that a happy marriage will result from this pairing; Princess Sahana and I have become quite close.

I’m sure you have heard of the spread of murders in Saffron Lily? Though I wish I could say they are exaggerated rumors, they are not. An Ancestor Cult was discovered by the Arbiters, one I was hosting no less, and a shugenja of House Akira was called forth. As I had taken it upon myself to see the common folk taken care of, (as you taught me: we are nothing without the people we rule, it is our duty to care for them in any way we can), I immediately offered my aid to the Arbiters and House Akira. In so doing however, I have placed myself unflinchingly in the face of Death.

Twice now my life has been threatened by the cult. The first time was accidental, as we believe their target to have been the Arbiter I was dining with. The second was after the cult leader had been destroyed, and a direct assault on my person, due to my luminous association with the situation. It was even almost successful, and I owe my life not only to Akira Gilded Lotus, but also to several others present at the time: Daisuki Zumi, Katoshi Yakamo, and Tamiyo Hitokuri. I am greatly aided also by a mortal thaumaturge and friend to Katoshi Yakamo: Kappa Chiyu.

I’m sure the list of notables provided above is enough to make you curious. I have taken it upon myself, in the addition to the investigation (wonder no more why I’ve been remiss), to make sure I meet every dignitary that visits this fair city. In that way, for now, I aid my soon-to-be Father-in-Law. Also, Daimyo Kuno has seen fit to entrust me with spearheading the efforts to end the rebellions in the villages to the North. Without doubt I will likely be enlisting those who have aided me thus far, as I am certain I will need their help.

I promise to be less forgetful of keeping you informed of my status from now on, Father.

With humblest gratitude,
Garnet Filigree

Calin Tales
A series of letters and accounts of the heroic exploits of Calin's Princes of the Earth.

Calin Tales

So shall begin letters, accounts, and stories of the Heroic exploits of Calin’s young Celestial Exalted.


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