Orichalcum Wrackstaff

A highly polished silver staff with one blunt end and a piercing chisel end.

weapon (melee)

Speed 4, Accuracy +2, +12B / +4L, Defense +2, Rate 3, 2 M,P,R/2 M,R
Attuned: 5 motes, Accuracy +1, Defense +1, Rate +1


During the Calibration Festival in Yu Shan, Gilded Lotus had entered a mixed martial arts tournament comprising of 3 battles. The first fight was against a heavily over-armored individual who spent the entire fight on his back with Gilded Lotus crushing him in place with one foot. The second fight was far more intriguing as a strange gray-clad women wielded a first age weapon (Firewand) of fearsome destruction. The two danced around the ring as the Gates of Virtue protected Gilded Lotus from blast after blast of the canon. He was hit once after she blinded him with the shroud from her head. Engulfed in flame, Lotus quickly put himself out as she came at him brandishing a sword. Gilded Lotus very calmly embraced her in her attack, whispered something in her ear and got her in a ring out. Finally, a barbarian in a wolf helm wielding a giant axe was ready to take out the fearless Solar. Coming in with a brutal overhead chop of the axe, Lotus parried with his nunchaku. Then ever so quickly, with mystical precision and force, Gilded Lotus struck the beast twice in his manhood corresponding to the Gate of Valor, thus ending the fight in a gut wrenching victory of the tournament.

Orichalcum Wrackstaff

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