Heaven Thunder Leaves

weapon (melee)

Heaven thunder leaves are broad fans, reinforced with a magical material and painted with various scenes. They serve equally well for combat (treat as mundane war fans, see Exalted, p. 370) or courtly dancing. The magical fans add one die to ([Dexterity or Charisma] + Performance) rolls to use them for dancing, and when the fans are flourished properly, they tell a classic legend or fable. Each set of heaven thunder leaves tells a different story.
With at least three successes on the Performance roll, the dancer attracts the attention of local Terrestrial gods, and each success beyond that adds one die to the next social roll the character makes toward one of those gods. With two matching heaven thunder leaves, the maximum dice bonus becomes six. With only one, or with mismatched leaves, the successes necessary to attract gods increases to five and the maximum dice bonus is three. Heaven thunder leaves are Artifact 1 each. Commitment is two motes per leaf.
Heaven thunder leaves count as magical weapons, but their real strength lies in attracting godly attention. This qualifies the pair of heaven thunder leaves as Artifact 2. Separated, the difficulty to attract gods becomes high enough to reduce a lone heaven thunder leaf to Artifact 1, even though it can accomplish the same end. The maximum possible dice bonuses are higher than normal, but characters must work to get them.



“Cherry Blossom” The 1st Fan was a communal gift at his “Coming of Age” party.
“Sky Butterfly” The 2nd Fan was a gift at his “Formal Introduction” party for House Yuki.

-“Cherry Blossom” The first part of the story tells of how the Humanity was a gray, dull people. The Sakura Tree took pity on them and asked the Gods of Yu-Shan to send her children to Humans. As the first muse, humans were able to be creative & understand beauty. (Legend)
-“Sky Butterfly” The second part tells the tale of how a single lone butterfly used beauty & dance to stop the war between two powerful nations and unified them in their awe & rapture on the last battle field. (Fable)

Heaven Thunder Leaves

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