Calin Tales


3rd of Descending Water

Sent by Elemental to the Signatory Kingdoms, Nations and City-States of the Confederation of Rivers, bearing the Seal of the Shogunate of Cailin and read within the Halls of Power of these places.

By Word of the Shogun, Cailin declares the following:
Having driven out Deathknight emissaries of the Empire of the Hollowed Sunset, formerly known as the Kingdom of Alaria, who have come to our Capital, the City of Port Cailin, murdered our people en masse, and offered terms of fealty to our Shogunate, We the People of Cailin declare the following:
That the Tragedy that has befallen the Kingdom of Alaria shall not befall our allies within the Confederation of Rivers.
That the presence and activities of the Deathknights of this new Kingdom have offended our honor and dignity, and attempted to destabilize our great Shogunate, such that the Shogunate of Cailin must act.
That in so acting, by the needs of the Confederation, Cailin must inform its allies of its actions.
So then do the People of Cailin, with the aid of the people of the Republic of Manchu, declare War upon the Empire of the Hollowed Sunset, by which to restore our honor, avenge our people, and liberate the Kingdom of Alaria from this new-found Tyranny of Death; with the backing and approval of the Unconquered Sun, on this 3rd Day of Descending Water.
So sayeth the Shogun Yamata Tanaka, with the approval of his Daimyos.



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