Calin Tales

Meditation of introspection with Gilded Lotus

breath inbreath outbreath inbreath out… … …

“Hello again Gilded Lotus, what can we do for you this session?”
“A great many thing troubles us, and a great many thing ease the trouble.”
“Very well, continue and see if we cannot strike at the core of the misalignment of our being.”
“A God-Strider was discovered at the bottom of the lake where we first made love to our lunar mate Kangearu. I see a metaphor. Love weighs heavy on the surface of the waters, but underneath lies a great threat to the world.”
“Threat? Can you say such a thing of something we know nothing of?”
“I suppose we cannot. No one can. Only one other machine exists to speak of, but such a machine serves only one purpose. Destruction.”
“A tool is a tool. It relies on the mind of an individual to direct it’s work.”
“Our mind has no knowledge of such things.”
“Then we must learn. We’ve made it our life-long endeavor to embrace the balance of things. The many years we’ve spent in nature have left us dumb to modern civilization.”
“Where do we start? And to what end do we seek?”
“That answer lies in the second half of our metaphor…”
“Your love.”
Our love.”
“Correct. We’ve seen her skill with such machines. She may very well be our key if not our teacher in this matter.”
“Then the balance may very well be presenting itself in many ways. A man of spirit entwined with a woman of machines. How peculiar…”
“Is it? Do you remember what our father last said to us?”
“Balance yourself and the world will follow.”
“Correct. Now it’s time to push your enlightenment further. When the world balances itself, you must follow.”

… … …breath inbreath outbreath in.



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