Calin Tales

Letter to the Mayor of Grass Blade Town

Honorable Cousin and Mayor of Grass Blade,

Cousin I am writing you to inform of my imminent arrival to your lovely town. I am traveling with my wife Commander Rhan Setsuna, Matsuri Garnet Filigree, Akira Gilded Lotus, Mamoru Talin, and several members of the Kappa Family: Chiyu, Kireichi, Kangaeru, and Tenshi. AS of now the party and myself are currently in Saffron Lily bringing in captured members of the Devious Ancestor Cult caught in one of your neighboring towns. We should be leaving Saffron Lily shortly once Daimyo Kuno levels his judgement on those poor souls. I hope to see you and your family soon Cousin.

Gratitude and Respect,

Commander Katoshi Yakamo



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