Calin Tales

Letter to the Daimyo's of the Great Houses of Calin

To the Daimyo’s of the Great Houses of Calin:

I am General Yakamo of House Katoshi. I am currently working with my wife, Colonel Rhan Setsuna, in forming the expeditionary/liberation force that is being set into what is now the fallen kingdom of Elaria. The reason I am writing to you all is because I need/am requesting the ability to see your ledgers. I am acting as Rhan Setsuna’s Quartermaster General in this endeavor to free Alaria from the grips of the Death Knights that have taken it over.

What I am requesting of you and your great houses is supplies that will be needed to feed and maintain the army that is currently being created to liberate the Kingdom of Elaria. I am also asking that you please co-operate with my wife with her requests of troops to aguement the troops that we are already gathering. The numbers we have so far are thus:

5,000 troops from the Rhan Army
125 troops from House Katoshi (my personal Talon)
125 Troops from House Matsuri (Garnet Filigri’s Personal Talon)
125 Troops from House Doji (Doji Akuro’s Personal Talon)
500 Troops from House Yamata (Prince Yoshi’s Personal Troops)

In Total so far we have almost 6000 troops that will be going to liberate Elaria. But I fear we will need more. Tactically it is always wiser to have reserves and extra troops when commencing a campaign such as this.

So I humbly ask you all to please give what you can so we may crush the ones who have taken over Elaria from the Elarians and do it soundly.

Many Thanks,
General Yakamo
Quartermaster of House Katoshi



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