Calin Tales

Completion of the Cult

Missive to the Ivory Mask


A report for the records on the completion of taking out the Ancestor Cult of Saffron Lilly.

The investigation led to the warehouse district. The cult had two distraction locations. Once during the investigation, during a dinner between Mamoru Talyn, Garnet Filigree, Daisuki Zumi, and Subtle Dragonfly, an assassination attempt on Mamoru Talyn’s life occurred. The ghosts performing the attack were quickly de-manifested and sent on their way. Towards the latter part of the investigation, house Akira sent a Shugenja to investigate the cult as well. Gilded Lotus proved to be quite helpful in the investigation. Once the exact location of the cult was determined, we staged an ambush of the warehouse. The following were in the assualt.

  1. Saymon
  2. Garnet Filigree
  3. Katoshi Yakamo
  4. Glacial Moon
  5. Gilded Lotus

I was greatly pleased in their prowess and ability in combat. The leader of the cult was assassinated in the assault and has re-entered the reincarnation cycle. An important note to the investigation: the leader of the cult was Princess Sahana’s handmaiden. For the protection of the family and to keep further eyes on any fallout from the events, I suggest we send a new ‘handmaiden’ to Princess Sahana.

After the assault, the next night, at Garnet Filigree’s home, an assassination attempt done by spectres was performed on Garnet Filigree. He was struck down almost instantly. I made sure to prevent two of the spectres from casting their magics. At this dinner were:

  1. Tamiyo Hitokuri
  2. Garnet Filigree
  3. Daisuki Zumi
  4. Subtle Dragonfly
  5. Katoshi Yakamo
  6. Gilded Lotus

I took the liberty of assisting Garnet Filigree in his recovery in using one of our healers. Some resources were used to provide a potion for Garnet Filigree’s health. I assess this is proper reward and payment for his vital role in the investigation. No one else sustained any vital damage to their persons during this last attempt on Garnet Filigree’s life.

Last note for the records. Tamiyo’s Architecture has been secured and finalized. It has established itself as a full business providing construction, repair, design, and decor. The shop also has a list of clients already purchasing services from Tamiyo. After it is finished establishing its name by its level of craftsmenship, I suggest we spread the shop to other cities as well. Katoshi Yakamo has already enjoyed the services of Tamiyo’s Architecture.

Always in the shadows,



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