Calin Tales

A Record of Shadows (Page 1)

The bureaucracy of Yu-Shan weighs heavily upon all it touches. Even Yakamo was unable to affect it as he does the bureaucracies of Creation. We did, however, meet Rhan Chen, Setsuna’s mentor due to our attempt to enter the Crimson Panoply of Victory. Tomorrow the festivities begin. I shall be entering into a mixed martial arts/melee tournament, the prize of victory being an artifact weapon. One of the two things I search for in the time we have in Yu-Shan. I can feel my essence boiling within me! As if it were about to burst! I may experience yet again the transcendence of raising an Essence Tier. This will put me at Tier Five.
The circle has been speaking of the Godstrider hidden at the bottom of the lake, I would much prefer a personal suit of armor that is not so large. Something that does not necessarily increase the size of the wielder. Perhaps something more to my tastes to will be found in the future.



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