Calin Tales

A Celestial Missive

Lytek, Daimyo of Exaltation and Right Hand of Power.

Most gracious and resplendant Daimyo, it pleases me to report that all fares well with the Council of Stars. The Celestial Exalted continue to prosper here in the Shogunate of Calin, and I ancipate a great and bright future for these lands.

However, the enemies of Creation have their eyes upon my precious City and I am afraid that the price of having such powerful guardians and allies, is enemies just as terrifying and powerful. My auguries as of late have been filled with blood and strife, yet they are voids in my sight. Something is coming, and that Courtesan of Venus is providing only the most cryptic of insight.

I seek your advice and council on how to move forward my friend. I fear what unknown horrors may befall my fair city.

Most Humbly your Friend and Confidant,

Kyoto, Most August Municipal Diety of Port Calin.


Troubling… and very curious. Can’t wait to find out what it is!

A Celestial Missive

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